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A floating dock that improves rowing program performance for facilities.
Floating Docks Rowing

How Floating Docks Increase Rowing Program Performance

Rowing is a sport that demands precision, strength, and unwavering dedication. Athletes and coaches alike understand the importance of technique and training, but what about the equipment? Floating docks are an emerging necessity for program success as they are a fundamental element that can boost your rowing program performance. In this blog post, we’ll dive
team usa rowing team at their floating dock

What Rowing Floating Docks are Used by Most Collegiate Teams?

Some of the Best Ranked Docks Used By Most Collegiate Rowing Programs Although rowing has been a recognized sport since 1828 with the inaugural race between Oxford and Cambridge in England, it continues to pick up speed in popularity year after year.  Rowing floating docks, also known as low-profile docks, were designed especially for rowers. 

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