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workers using a flat deck barge platform with heavy equipment flotation for a coastal construction project
Commercial Floating Docks

Why Flat Deck Barge Platforms with Heavy Equipment Flotation Are Ideal for Coastal Construction Projects

One of the things that makes humanity so unique is our ability to shape the earth, regardless of the challenges involved. That includes projects that take place on the open water. If you’re engaged in a complex coastal project, flat deck barge platforms with heavy equipment flotation can provide the stability, utility, and quality that
workers standing on a floating scaffolding platform repairing the side of a yacht
Commercial Floating Docks

How to Choose the Right Floating Scaffolding Platform for Off-the-Water Projects

Projects that take place on the water present a special set of challenges for marine engineers. The difficulties and challenges inherent to water-based construction can be tackled through the use of a custom-made, floating scaffolding platform affixed to your floating dock or other infrastructure.  Today we’re going to explore the world of off-the-water scaffolding platforms
recreational boat at commercial dock
Commercial Safety

How Should Recreational Boaters Use Commercial Docks?

Just like some people have stress when parking a car, others have stress when docking a boat. Not docking properly can not only damage your boat but also the commercial dock or, God forbid, others’ boats. How should recreational boaters use commercial docks? If you are a new boat owner or are considering purchasing a

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